Tech Info

Audio - Front of House / Stage


  • Soundcraft Si Expression 3 console
  • On stage: Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32 (32 inputs, 5 outputs for on-stage monitor mixes)
  • At front of house: additional 32 inputs, additional 16 outputs (copper analogue snake not currently installed to send additional outputs to stage)
  • Microphones: 8 AKG D5 vocal wired microphones, 4 AKG P4 instrument microphones, assorted Shure & AKG drum microphones, DIs, stands, XLR cables, Edison power cables

Audio - PA System


  • (4) JBL VRX932LA-1 12″ line array speakers (2 flown per side)
  • (4) JBL VRX918S 18″ subwoofers (under stage platform)
  • Crown XTi amplifiers


Audio - Monitor System


  • Monitor mixes controlled at front of house console
  • Total 13 mixes possible (only 5 on stage, additional mixes are from front of house for wireless in-ear systems, currently unable to send more than 5 mixes to stage)
  • (4) JBL PRX415M 15″ wedge speakers available
  • Crown XTi amplifiers




  • LSC MINIM console
  • (11) Elation Sixpar 100IP LED par fixtures (front wash, back wash, accents)
  • (4) Elation EPAR QW LED par fixtures (front wash)




  • Steps can be placed anywhere down stage
  • (2) 8’x4’x1’ risers available (can be combined)

Headquarters Live Stage Diagram